Some may disagree, but I’m pretty confident that a majority of you out there think that this is the best time of the year. Yes, it’s extremely cold, but that’s not enough to get you down. There’s a special feeling that fills the air around this time. Too cheesy? Ok. But I do love December!

You don’t even have to wait until Christmas, or Hanukkah to get into the spirit either. It’s starts earlier than that with cards! Yes, those special cards you recieve from Aunt Joy telling you how just perfect her year has been. Or cousin John, who you haven’t spoken to in years, letting you know how good hunting season went.

I love to set them in a special place in the house like my mantle just so that I can keep getting excited for the holiday! At some point though, I get way too many cards and they don’t all fit on my mantle anymore! But, I don’t want to move any away because they’re all so pretty and equally important!

That’s when I bring out my card holders! This way, all cards get to stay on the mantle and be seen equally! Here at Birch Press we have two classic card stands that’ll work in any home. With their classic metal look, the card holders will not clash with any home decor!


Don’t let any card you receive on those holidays be hidden because you don’t have enough space! Instead, let every card be admired in your home with our classic card holders.