Hello! Today I’m sharing how I made a magnetized clip or book mark using the gorgeous Frilly Triangle Layer Set.

I started off with a 3-1/8″ x 3-1/8″ square piece of kraft card stock, and scored it down the middle. The extra 1/8″ accounts for the 1/8″ score line.

I then used the die set to cut each layer. The middle layer and solid base layer (cut from outlining the triangle) was made using distress oxide inks.

I then adhered the assembled triangle to one of the kraft base halves. Next, I put the magnets on the other side, leaving enough room to comfortably glue the magnets in, so they were not placed directly at the top. It’s easy to line up the magnets by placing them back-to-back before adhering. This way, the magnets are stuck together and so placement is perfect alignment.

The next step was to place a blank piece of kraft triangle over the backing to hide the magnet. I cut a 3″ x 3″ piece of kraft card stock and cut it down the middle. I didn’t need the extra eighth of an inch here because I didn’t need to fold anything.

I then flipped the clip over to reveal the inside. The magnet showing in the photo below is on the backside of the decorated piece. The magnets I have are very thin, which is what I wanted for a bookmark-type clip. Because of this, the strength of the magnet would not work through all the layers. The magnet will be shown from the inside when opened up so I was careful to only glue the center to adhere it. Once I glued it, I closed the clip to let it all dry in place. The second magnet is hidden in the plain kraft layer and both magnets are stuck to each other through the sheet of paper in the photo below.

I made sure to let the glue dry completely before opening the clip. This is such an easy, beautiful gift that would be great for Father’s Day! Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by the blog today!