FullSizeRender (63)When I wake up on a weekday morning, I am usually rushing around the house to make sure that I make it to work on time.

Throughout the years I have gotten used to starting my mornings off in a stressful, rushed way. And often, its a bowl of oatmeal or something quick for breakfast to power me on my way.

But when I have a rare day where stressful feelings are replaced with relaxation and I have nowhere to rush off to, I take this opportunity to spoil myself with a big breakfast! I always wake up hungry and since I have time to eat more than just a slice of toast, I can actually cook, sit, and relax.

Birch Press now sells egg cups that work wonderfully for these lazy days. You can set your soft boiled egg into the cup so that the rest of your plate can be filled with pancakes, bacon, fruit, and really anything you can set your mind to!

The egg cups look great on the table- the graphic design on the sides feels modern and lively. This simple container can really add a nice touch to your first meal of the day!

There’s nothing I love more than relaxing with a cooked meal and a cup of coffee. Lately I’ve been loving my dot espresso cups from Birch Press! The pop of color on the bottom adds some liveliness to my kitchen!