Thanksgiving is around the corner which you know what that means…another dinner I get to prepare! As you can probably guess, this holiday season is my favorite because of all the different recipes I get to try out.


At the beginning of the month, I’m searching high and low for the next best recipe to try out. And this year didn’t disappoint. Now I can’t resist a good dessert, so I was so ecstatic to find these apple pie cookies. And who doesn’t love leftovers? Here’s an recipe I want to try with all of the leftover cranberries from the day.


Trying new recipes can be fun, but unless you aren’t fully armed with the best cookware accessories, it can be tricky to get the dish down pat. Birch Press Design has started selling cookware and knives just in time for the holiday season, which is full of delicious food. The pots and pans will be a perfect set for cooking all of my dishes on the morning of Thanksgiving. And I cannot wait to get to slicing with the knives. A new razor sharp set is just what I needed in my kitchen.