imageA journal is a majority of people’s most most prized possession – one that is for their eyes and their eyes only. If you do get to read someones journal you know that this person trust you with their deepest emotions.

Even though most people will never even see your journal because its hidden in a drawer or even locked away, you don’t want your purest thoughts written in a boring old spiral! Instead, you want your thoughts to be in a journal that makes you feel happy and warm. Just like our floral lined journals.

These beautifully design journals come in three different colors: white, blue, and pink. Each journal has a wonderful floral design to fit the background and each having there own feel and emotion.


How ever you like your journal to look classic, warm, or vibrant we have the floral lined journals just for you! Don’t let your thoughts sit in a boring notebook. Instead, put at least 208 pages of them in something worthy of your deepest thoughts and emotions.