Have you seen the 2016 Home Catalog?

2016 Summer Catalog

You’ll find everything from glassware with a botanical twist to terrariums that come in all shapes and sizes!


Bring the outside indoors with a terrarium! Get creative with air plants, ferns, mosses, succulents, sand, rocks, and more!


Add a modern twist to your walls this year with these iron-edged hanging frames. Eloquently display feathers, botanicals, mementos from afar, and more with different sizes and shapes of frames.

brass ring

These graceful vases will uniquely add a modern twist to your space with a medley of materials.

splash vases


These mouth-blown and hand-formed vases will make for a unique, contemporary addition to your home as it displays with flourish a single stem.


These slices of fossilized trees are polished for serving and display.


These glasses have a unique flora and fauna pattern carved in that will bring life to the table!


This collection’s earthy toned pieces will be the perfect, sophisticated addition to your kitchen!