We did it!

My whole family found a weekend we could all get together for a homemade family dinner! This might sound like only a minor accomplishment, but everyone has been so busy this summer with traveling, summer camps, and yard work. Yes… my father couldn’t do this past Sunday because he had to attend to his precious garden. BUT, the important thing is we found a date that everyone can make it to. Life is so busy, I believe it is important to remember to slow down, take some time out of your busy schedule and be surrounded by the ones you love. Plus, it’s an excuse to get together with friends and family and chow down on some yummy summertime food!

We are going full on classic American BBQ for dinner this time. I’m in charge of side dishes and drinks. I thought this time I would change things up and try something new! I found this recipe online that looks so yummy, I just can’t wait to do a trial run (or two) this week to test it out! It’s called thyme lemonade. I mean lemonade in the summer.. you can’t go wrong! Luckily my family enjoys my love for trying new recipes all the time so I can’t wait!

Birch Press Design has just the perfect glassware for my delicious fruity drink. These handmade fern & fond glasses will add just the delicate touch to the table I am looking for!