Easter Brunch Table Decoration | Jennifer Svare

Hello!  For today’s project, I used the gorgeous new Fiori Egg set (layers B and C) to create an Easter Brunch table decoration. I used a holographic paper for the sparkly outside layer, and a variation of two types of gold card stock in the base layers.  The largest egg from the Stitched Egg Set created a backing, so it is also beautiful from the back (although, two fronts could be put back-to-back).

The gold is just soft enough to create a very simple texture with any sharp pointed tool, so I couldn’t resist turning the flower petals into leaves.  The negative space pieces from the marquees and dots from Layer C were overlaid onto the front layer so they would be visible, but the layers would be gorgeous just as they are.  I went into some extra inlaying and overlaying steps for this project, but those details are definitely not necessary!

Spring and Easter are right around the corner, but don’t put away those snowflake dies just yet… at least not Layer B from the Glitz collection.

In the video below, I’ll show how the Glitz Snowflake Layer B created the base for the egg, and it works great and is very stable!

The dies and paper work together beautifully and do all the work to create this gorgeous egg decoration.  It really is simple with a big “Wow!” factor.

What a fun project!  Here’s a video of what I did to create this:




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