Using Die Cuts as a Stencil Guide for Negatives with Ashlea Cornell

Hello there, everyone! It’s Ashlea back with you today with this fun card using the Amour Arch layer set in a way you may have not thought of before. But before we get into that, let’s just address this sentiment. I love a good pun and this one was just a sitting duck while I was putting this card together. A “boo”, of course, is a loved one or a significant other and putting that together with “rainbow” to create the new word “rainboo” is definitely one of my proudest moments of the day. For this I used the Lingo Alphabet dies which made creating my own sentiment a breeze.

Moving right along, let’s get into the images. I started by cutting out each layer from the same piece of card stock. Because they’re curved it made it easier to fit them all onto one. I took the hearts that each layer cut out and put them into their own little piles of layer A hearts, layer B hearts, and layer C hearts just to be sure to not mix them up. This will become important in just a moment.

I started to pull the image together by choosing my Copic colors. I chose R29, YR16, Y08, YG08, B29, V17 and V06 for my ROYGBIV rainbow. Obviously, there are only 3 layers here, so I improvised and created ombre hearts by blending red, orange and yellow onto the layer A hears, green and blue on layer B, and my two purple colors on layer C hearts. This ensured all colors of the rainbow were used and represented. TO assemble these hearts onto my card front, I used the arch cut out of the Amour Arch layer A and placed it over a 4″ x 5 1/4″ near the bottom. I made sure that it was evenly centered on the lower half of my card front, and then used the openings as a guide and stencil for where to adhere my layer A hearts. I placed a very small bit of glue into each open heart and then placed a heart into each opening. Once I removed my arch stencil, I was left with an arch of beautifully colored rainbow. hearts

I then used glue to adhere layer B hearts so that the bottom of the heart matched up with the bottom of layer A hearts and repeated this method with layer C hearts. To create a bit more of a true rainbow, I colored six of the smaller hearts that each layer cuts in rainbow colors and adhered them between each heart, approximately where they are positioned on the die.

Finally, I created my sentiment which I explained earlier in the post, and arched it a bit over the hearts. I hope that I’ve inspired you to create outside of the box with your layering dies! Thank you so much for stopping by today, I’ll see you again very soon!

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