Grandiose Embellishments
by Jennifer Svare

Hello! Today’s card is one of those cards that looks like it took a ton of time, but the secret is letting the Grandiose dies do all the work! Festive and bright, with some shimmer in the background, this is a great card for any occasion during the holidays… including thank you’s!

I’ve used negative pieces from die cuts to create a very simple design in the background band. The base of the embellishments were cut from Layer B, and the tops cut from Layer C. Because I wanted these specific colors and shapes, I die cut the layers rather than using leftovers from making the card base. Because these die cuts are so versatile, nothing ever goes to waste and can be used on other card layers. (I keep extra cut pieces in the same envelope as the dies for simplicity!)

I hope you have fun experimenting with different color layers, and even the negative pieces! Because these background die layers are in two parts, colorful scraps can be used. I love to just cut a bunch in different colors and see how they look together. This can result in many unique combinations that wouldn’t have been planned!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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