Textured Background Layer Ideas | by Jennifer Svare

Hello! Today I wanted to share some ideas for creating simple background textures for the brand new heart layering sets. Here are some ideas!

Adding a watercolored a background for the layers is a fun, versatile way to create interest, and also tie all the colors of the card together.

Embossing folders with simple designs can create stunning backgrounds that don’t draw too much attention from the focal image. Layering sheets of cardstock, then ripping the papers to create the layers offers endless possibilities of colors. Combined with the watercoloring the heart background, the card is tailor-made to any color combinations imaginable! I made sure to leave the perfect amount of room for the Handwritten Hello sentiment. The script was cut from a shade lighter than the teal, so it would add extra brightness to the letters. Two layers of the script were glued together for extra dimension.

Flora Heart with Just a Note

For the red and pink card, I did the exact same process, but left the top layer empty of the watercolor background. I thought the Just a Note was perfect to match the scripty background, but this would also work perfect with the Handwritten Love You for a Valentine’s Day card.

Folk Art Heart

The Flora Heart (above) is so beautiful! I cut all layers from the watercolor paper to match the background and ripped all four sides, framed it with a layer of pink, added the same pink to be the background for the heart, and all went onto a white card base. This would make a great gift set with a rainbow of colors!

I wanted to share a little sneak peek of a project I’ll be sharing soon, because it also shows the watercolored background, but in very vibrant colors. (If you love this heart, you will have so much fun with the surprise this card holds, so check back soon!)

Do you have ideas for simple textures you’d like to share in the comments below? We’d love to hear!

Products used: Flora Heart Layering Set, Folk Art Heart Layering Set, Handwritten Hello and Outline, Handwritten Just a Note and Outline

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