Layers with a Bit of Shimmer! | By Desiree Kuemmerle

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!

I am here today featuring the Viola Layering Die Set! One of the techniques I love to create with these layering die set is to simply use white cardstock! It just one color gives the illusion on elegance…

Now take it up one more notch, lets add that shimmer to just one layer or even some embellishments!

Grab the color card stock you want to use and gather all your die cut together are start having fun mixing and matching the layers together! 

Just remember, one you have them laid out change one layer out for a mirror or shimmer cards stock!  I can be any layer you choose…

You will have a different look every time!

As always, I hope you enjoyed today’s project…  and if you want to see more details just click on the video below and see how these projects come together step by step!

Make sure you stay tuned for more wonderful projects coming soon! Have a great day and always remember… Be Creative!


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