Mandala Shaker | by Tracey McNeely

Good morning and time for some more Birch Press Design inspiration. I am sure by now you have had a chance to play with the vast array of gorgeous mandala designs. For today’s card I used the Kaleidoscope Layer craft dies to create a fun shaker card.

The Kaleidoscope mandala is actually two mandalas in one. There is an outer rind and and inner circle. By cutting different colours for the layers the options are endless. There are three layers to his mandala so by mix and matching the colours you can keep it as simple as you would like or by using more and more colours your design becomes more complex. For this shaker I have decided to make the outter ring using shades of pink and the inner circle blues and green.

We start by cutting the mandala. For this card I am choosing to cut the darkest and most dramatic colours using Kaleidoscope Layer C–so one cut with the green and one cut with the darkest of the pinks.  Then cut 1 Kaleidoscope Layer B in both of your mid tones and finally Kaleidoscope Layer A in the lightest colours. Remember to use a metal shim to ensure crisp, clean cuts.

Once the layers are cut assemble the Mandala. By cutting each layer with two colours there were enough pieces to make two mandalas.

To create the shaker I an using the Mandala Card Frame. Cut one from white and then add the sentiment leaving enough room to add the die cut portion of the sentiment after the card is complete.

After you have added the stamped sentiment adhere a piece of acetate to the back of it to cover the window that the die created. I have prepared a short video for you to show you how I created, assembled the shaker and finished the card.

The mandala is set into the circle on the top of the card base. Add the final die cut portion of the sentiment and the card is done.

Thank you so much for joining me today with another creation with mandalas. You can make shaker card with any of the mandala designs if any colours you chose.



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