Happy Peach Cobbler Day! | by Jennifer Svare

Kessa Arch Layers make beautiful muffin and cupcake wrappers

Hello! It’s so great to be back at Birchpress Design, and just in time for Peach Cobbler Day, April 13th. It’s a great excuse to make and take delicious treats to friends and family, and today I’ll offer some ideas of how Birchpress Design has us covered!

With a slight modification to the Kessa Arch layers, gorgeous muffin wrappers can be made, the kind that can be used again and again. They simply slip on kind of like a napkin ring and are very sturdy. I’ll show how easy they are to make in the video.

The Waves Plate set make a gorgeous “peaches and cream” card – so simple and so elegant. Simply choose the colors, die cut the layers, and attach to a card base. Love those easy cards that only look like they took a long time to make. This one’s FAST.

Muffins can be delivered in disposable pan, wrapped with Birch Press Design’s Lavender Metallic Ribbon

I also got brave and made a modification to an apple from An Apple a Day die set to make a peach instead. I always feel intimidated when thinking about coloring, so my challenge today if you feel the same is just to do it, and don’t overthink yourself out of trying it. Distress inks make it easy, and it’s a very forgiving shape to color. I’ll help by offering color suggestions as well as some how-to’s in the video.

In addition to the peach tag, a card could be made instead. Here I used one of my all-time favorite die sets, the Maxwell layers. The Mango Gingham made a wonderful layer, too!

This project is all about connecting with friends, family, or neighbors. Grab your apple dies if you don’t have peaches, whip up the easiest peach cobbler muffin recipe you can find on the internet, and go make someone’s day! It’s the thought that counts, and it will be so appreciated ~ fun, too!

Have a wonderful day, and I can’t wait to see you again soon!


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