This is a simple jellyfish card in a deep, clear ocean blue background. The deep ocean is clear and beautiful – so peaceful with no distractions. Can you imagine the quiet flicker of lights from a jellyfish as it floats by? The tentacles on this card sparkle and “move” with holographic embossing powder when tilted in the light. The photos capture the basic idea, but in real life, there is a lot of movement created when the light hits the tentacles.

I remember being in Monterey Bay Aquarium several years ago, and the jellyfish exhibit absolutely captivated me. The way the jellyfish seemed to have lights running through them was amazing.

By the way, heat resistant acetate makes a beautiful jellyfish when using the holographic embossing powder! Very hard to photograph, but it’s a must-try if using this stamp. I had a lot of fun playing with that idea as I created today’s project. In the end, the white and blue card won because it stood the better chance of being photographed, but I would like to encourage anyone to give that a try with this stamp. Gorgeous!

I love how the jellyfish stamp from the Ocean Fantasy stamp set has very delicate tentacles, along with a couple thicker ones that are perfect for adding color or sparkles to. I stamped with VersaFine ink, then used white for the embossing powder for the main image and lettering. (I can also see a gold embossed jellyfish on a plain white card using the double embossing technique. So many options!)

After the main stamp had been embossed, I used a VersaFine pen to create little dots on the cap, and “colored” in two of the tentacles with this clear ink. Using a VersaFine pen is a great way to add embossing to little hand-drawn dots and color fill-ins. I then put holographic embossing powder over what I had drawn in, and heat embossed a second time.

The sentiment from Let Your Light Shine stamp set along with the jellyfish creates such a simple but strong message and I love that about this card.

When holding this card straight, the sparkles do not stand out, but when tilted, the “lights” shine and even seem to be moving as the card moves in the light. If you’ve never seen a jellyfish glow, it is really worth seeing! In the meantime, this is a super easy, fast card to make and I hope you give it a try!