memory box 2-4Flavored sugars – infused with mint, lavender or lemon verbena – add a lovely note to fresh fruits, sun teas and lemonade.  Set the sweet sugars out in porcelain Thimble Cups, for adding just a bit, or as much as you want.

Hungry?  Add a savory finishing touch to grilled ribsteaks or corn on the cob with fresh herb compound butters served in Thimble Cups.  Chose the perfect color for your table setting, add a dollop of seasoned butter – and enjoy!

They’re great for everyday service too – just fill them with seasalt or a melange of freshly-ground peppercorns and set them near the cooktop, or on the dinner table.

Our stackable Thimble Cups are crafted in Oregon by Pigeon Toe Ceramics – and come in sets of four.