We found an oh so chic way to transport your homemade desserts. This is a well-constructed wooden box that makes the statement –

“Here I am – a dessert that you will remember long after this party is over!”

Swoon worthy recipes deserve a special presentation – whether you are sharing a delicious pie recipe, a rich and fabulous cake, or an assortment of Dr. Pepper cupcakes with friends at the office, don’t freak out, let Birch Press give you one less worry, transportation of your goodies!

FullSizeRender (57)

We have two dessert boxes that will make the trip so much easier! Our pie box, can hold up to a 9 inch pie plate and our cake box has two sections with holders for up to 16 cupcakes and take those layers out and you can fit a 10 inch cake!

Both of these boxes have straps (sold separately) that help make them easy to carry! The simple design is sturdy and attractive.

 So the next time you are in charge of delivering dessert, just know that we have you covered!

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