imageI hear a little thing called football season has started. Being from Seattle, Washington, it’s hard not to hear about it! Blue and green jerseys are sported, 12th man flags are being flown, and excitement fills the town come game day.

Lets be honest, regardless of if you like football or not game days are the best days of the week for everyone! Because if you enjoy football you can cheer on your favorite team and if football isn’t your thing, now there is a perfect reason to host a party, make awesome snacks, and decorate! Now what’s better than that?

The only problem with game day parties is since its every weekend you need decorations that will be reusable! Birch Press has  just the tool that will last a long time and have every guest extremely impressed!

A touchdown table runner!

Turn your snack table into the field! The table runner is also a classic green field so you can even put the names of each team playing on opposite sides every week! And why not go all out and bake a cake for the big day? You and your friends and family can go to town decorating with frosting!


Don’t ever let your snacks sit on the sidelines again, get them into the game with our touchdown table runner! Birch Press has the perfect bowls to hold your game day goodies!

We want you to have a good time watching your team play, AND have the best decorations in town! Now you can sit back and enjoy them game!