With the cooler weather coming up, I’m thinking dinner party.

Huge dinner party!

Why not welcome the new season with friends, family, and some delicious food?!

I’m thinking of starting off with french onion soup then following up with a new recipe I’ve been eager to try out: pan-roasted chicken.

And what says ‘autumn is here’ better than a chocolate pumpkin pie?! I know I can’t think of anything!

I don’t know about you, but if my placemats, table runners, napkins and such are perfect then I feel more confident about having people over. Presentation is everything!


My old dining napkins were getting a little worn out and I was getting a little worried. However, Birch Press recently got in new linens! Not only did we get in napkins, but table runners too!

I could not be happier! All of the linens are machine washable and iron friendly, which if you are anything like me, you are looking for something to last a while.

These deeper, warmer shades are going to be perfect for the fall and winter months. Even better, the timeless style and colors are going last me a lifetime!