When I am preparing my favorite honey-glazed apple tart or recreating my moms favorite cheese cake, I don’t want to get a mess all over my clothes! Let me tell you, nothing is worse than noticing patches of flour on your little black dress, right as you are answering the door! Trust me- it has happened to me!

Sure, I could throw on a basic unflattering smock to protect myself, but if guests are coming to me I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in an uncomplimentary apron.

I want to look good all throughout the event!

Birch Press now offers the best of both worlds for a trendy baking woman. Style and protection!

The selection of aprons are far from insulting to a woman’s body.

Each apron has ruffled edges and a waistband to accentuate that perfect figure of yours. The designs are also very classic looking, trust me, it’ll help you bring out your inner Betty Crocker baking skills!

Don’t let baking get in the way of your fashion sense, you really can have it all- in the kitchen that is, just let Birch Press help you get there.