Good morning! At first glance, these two cards don’t look like they have a lot in common, but both were made with the same Petal Burst stencil and an easy turning technique!

I blended 4 colours of ink through the stencil – one colour for each petal, before turning it 45 degrees and blending 4 more colours through it. I did this 3 times and then cut the Kinsley Layering dies from the centre of each ‘flower’. I stacked them up, but turned them to create a bold patchwork of colour. I backed it with one of the Vivid Blooms Stitched layers die cut from black cardstock for drama. I finished the card with the Jumbo Lingo Hello die.

This time I turned the stencil 30 degrees each time, and I used one colour of ink for each turn, to get a more peaceful, monochrome look. I finished this card with the new (coming soon!) Frosty Flake die set along with the shadow layer of the Simple Joy die set.

Here’s a video showing how these cards came together: