Dazzling New Year | with Ardyth

If there’s one thing we can probably all agree on, it’s that we’re happy that 2021 is almost here!

I created a colourful New Year’s card with a fun technique using alcohol inks and the Delicate Pastels Glitter Card pack.

I started with a 6×6 inch piece of white glitter cardstock:

I liberally spread rubbing alcohol (you can use blender solution) over the cardstock and dropped in lots of colours of alcohol ink. I used my lens cleaner (air pump) to spread the colours around and then left it to dry.

I used mostly bright colours and I added some darker (Eggplant) ink around the edge to see how I liked it. I preferred the bright colours for this card, but I wonder about creating a ‘galaxy’ sky with more of this darker ink…..

When it was dry, I used the top layer of the Dazzle set to cut it. This gave me a sparkly circle from the centre which I used a little later.

I cut the bottom 2 layers from black cardstock, as well as a black cardbase, to really let the glittery colours stand out!

I used the sparkly circle from the centre of my top layer, and placed it over the bottom layer die to cut a smaller circle. I glued it in and that created a black pointy frame around it, which has a really energetic look!

For my sentiment, I used the rest of my glittery alcohol ink panel and the Mod Alphabet, using white cardstock for the shadow layers to try and make sure that the visibility was high.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!


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