I’m smitten with flowers so I adore the last floral release from Birch Press Design. The flowers are generally all three layer and look great in any color combination. Each layer has embossed lines to help guide you in assembling them.

To get started I always cut and arrange several flowers in different shades so that later when I decide to make I have lots of assembled flowers to choose from.

I like to assemble the images on a piece of plastic the size of my card front. The clear plastic makes it easy to pick up the entire arrangement and layer it over different backgrounds to help me decide which one I like best.

Because I cut the flowers ahead of time, before I make my cards, I find that I choose colors I might not have originally selected. Just as an example.. I wouldn’t normally think the plum colored berries would compliment the red roses, but they do, and I think they’re perfect!

If you look close you’ll notice I changed one of the Fuddled Leaf branches in the background. The color was too similar to the lime Flora cover plate so I selected a different shade for more contrast.

Enjoy creating your own floral bouquets with beautiful layered blooms from Birch Press Design!